Flexible E-Commerce, Online Catalogs for Publishers
Complete Online Catalog and E-Commerce Systems from Cuesta Technologies

Our database-driven, e-commerce catalogs offer everything you need in one coordinated package: secure online ordering, real-time credit card transaction processing, online security, intelligent user interfaces and sophisticated, smart navigation.

Back-end systems include the Web-N-Able™ content management system, integration with your in-house order processing/CRM systems, customer transaction and usage reporting, and more.

Key Advantages:
  • Exclusive Web database design easily handles thousands of products
  • Product data can originate in FileMaker Pro, Access, Oracle, your legacy database or current catalog management software
  • Product data can be easily updated any time by non-technical staff.
  • Searching by combinations of multiple search criteria (keyword and/or other categories)
  • Customized Web pages personalize the user experience
  • Anonymous visitor tracking - no intrusive cookies!
  • Detailed Web site reports help you understand what your customers want
  • E-coupon promotions, ability to create special offers, highlight "new" or "seasonal" products
  • Library processing
  • User registration with broadcast e-mail feature, account management, ability to save shopping carts
  • Wish lists, e-mail a shopping cart or list of products to a friend (or purchasing agent)
  • Common-core and state standards correlations integration
  • Digital assets management

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Find out Why Cuesta Technologies is the Ed Market's "Go-To" E-commerce Specialist

Client History: CDW's GetEdFunding - GetEdFunding.com CDW-G, together with their marketing consultant, came to Cuesta with an idea about how they could make the lives of educators who were seeking funding opportunities easier.

They were looking to build a fully comprehensive, easy-to-use Website that would allow educators and education non-profits to find grants by a number of very specific categories, including the ability to search national or State-specific grants by subject, grade level, focus and more.  The backend of the system needed to be powerful and easy-to-use for their marketing professionals who were new to Website management at the time.  They required a site that would display certain opportunities to any visitor, but only allow registered users to access the complete database of hundreds or thousands of grants. The site was so successful in it's first year that it was awarded a Beacon Award by the AEP.  A prestigious award such as this, received after only 8 months of operation, reflects history in the making.